Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Etsy Cloth diaper Team Giveaway!

i am participating in this thanksgiving weekend giveaway with the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team.

i will be giving away a washable wool scarf... and i might be having a super sale **wink wink**
it starts friday morning, so stop by The Etsy Cloth Diaper Teams Blog to enter

Friday, November 9, 2012

{this moment} happy birthday little one

inspired by The Gnome's Mom

A time to stop and reflect on the week and share a photograph. For me to remember what it's all for, where my inspiration and passion comes from and to share a piece of my life with you. ♥

happy birthday to my youngest. i can't believe you're 3

(receiving raspberries from his big brother)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

how to take measurements for a cover

I personally feel that the best fit in a diaper or diaper cover will be achieved by taking measurements of your little one. then comparing to the manufacturers measurements OR having a custom sized diaper made.
weight measurements are great ... sure, but i do not shop for clothes based on weight or age...
what it really depends on body habitus.. the way you carry weight.. every BODY is different 
as an example a 120lb woman that is 5' 0" is going to look much different than a 5" 9" 120 lb and wear a different size.
so... in babies... a 20lb 6 month old is going to have much different measurements than a 20lb 18 month old

- it is best to take measurements over a diaper, preferably a fitted or prefold that you plan on using with the cover. if you do not have a diaper handy add 1" to the rise measurement to accommodate the thickness of a diaper in that area

- also while measuring be sure to have the tape measure against body, but not tight that it presses into the skin/fat of the area.

items needed:  
- a pen and paper for noting measurements
- a tape measure. if you do not have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string yarn or ribbon. mark or cut it to the length and then measure on a ruler or yard stick

i am going to show and explain waist, rise, and thigh measurement.

waist: around the belly at about the level of the belly button

front view

front view using yarn

side view

rise: from the belly button, down through crotch and up to the back at about the same level as the belly button
side view
front view

thigh measurement: around leg at approximately. largest part of thigh

hope this helps!

contact me if you have any questions