Saturday, December 15, 2012

scarf pattern

worsted weight yarn, medium, like a 4

larger hook: size N and I-9 or appropriate hook needed for you yarn

you can get 1 scarf - 5" wide x 47" long from one skein of lion brand wool ease doing a starting chain 140 st and 14 rows

these are the kind of scarves i make. they are pretty simple and quick to sew up

a long chain about 120-150 depending on how long you want it in a bigger hook size. (i use a N) if you do not have a big hook, just make sure your starting chain is loose

then switch to a smaller hook (i use I-9 hook) and HDC into the 2nd chain from hook in the back loop only, continue all the way accross in each chain, ch1 turn

and repeat for 13-14 rows (or until it is as wide as you want) making sure to go into the back loop ONLY and you will get this look, if it's flat then it is probably not into the back loop only

my son is 6, his scarf is 60" which is pretty long- long enough to wrap twice, but i think a 40"-60" will be more than enough length (in my opinion)

this photo is pf my 3 yo son and how the scarf looks on him, his scarf is about 56" long