Wednesday, September 12, 2012

oh ye of little patience.. lesson learned

i enjoyed a lesson of my own folly by being too busy for my own good this week...

i wasted several (yes SEVERAL) pans of cupcakes and super awesome star wars cupcake liners due to my lack of patience and insistence upon doing at least 2 or 3 things at once.. one of which was trying to bake cupcakes for my sons class for his birthday.

boo and thoughts of /parentfail

i was taught a lesson for my impatience and not only wasted delicious cake but also afforded myself not 1, but 2 trips BACK to the grocery to buy more supplies.. so my idea of saving myself any time by... baking cupcakes and blogging and wrapping presents and making party preparations and checking emails .. oh and eating dinner all at once in different 2-3 thing combinations throughout the day just ended up costing me valuable time and frustration!

thank you universe, lesson learned =) i share this with you and a message saying be patient and just wait for the cupcakes to bake...

on a fun, brighter, and not quite so comedic note: our excitement for star wars and a star wars themed birthday is promising to shape up into a couple fun star wars themed craft tutorials!

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