Monday, September 10, 2012

Washing and lanolizing your wool diaper cover - simple and easy!

     I have been wanting to make a post like this for so long! It seems to me that washing and lanolizing is one of the most intimidating things for cloth diapering parents who want to try wool covers. I'm here to say it can be easy! and it is even easier still because you generally only need to wash your wool cover once every few weeks (unless they are stinky, soiled, or not as water resistant)
     Much like many other things in life, there are many ways that you can achieve the same goal... but this is how i personally do it and it's been working for us...

How to lanolize wool diaper covers

You will need:

- Lanolin (the kind used for breastfeeding)

- Baby wash or mild soap

- a small container with a lid or a stirring stick (for mixing the lanolin)

- a towel (bath size is good)

- a basin/container (or you can just use the sink)

- wool cover

Run some clean lukewarm water in to the basin (a little cooler than a baby bath) and a small quirt of the baby wash

If your wool cover is soiled leave the soiled side out for easy cleaning

Put the cover into the water push it down into the water, you will see that it resists the water a bit, flip it over and push it down again
Let the cover soak for about 20 minutes

If there are any soiled spots on the cover you can gently rub them to get the out using your hang and the mild soap if needed

rinse the cover out in the basin water and set to the side, dump the basin water

To prepare the lanolin put a pea sized (or small line) of the lanolin into your small container
Add some very hot water to melt to lanolin and a squirt of the baby wash to emulsify, put on the lid and shake until it is mixed well (no clumps of lanolin should be visible)

Add some very hot water to the basin (about 1/2-1" deep) dump in the lanolin mixture and stir.

Add cold water to bring the temperature back down to cool/lukewarm again

Add your washed, wet wool cover

Let it soak about 10-15 minutes then flip over and let it soak another 10-15 minutes

You will see that the lanolin looks oily floating on the top of the water. i usually try to put my hands under the cover and gently lift it up flat to pick up the lanolin off the top of the cover as the water falls through it. i do this on each side and then pick it up it open (like how your child wears it) a few times to get the lanolin through the crotch

After the soaking time is done, take your towel and lay it out on the ground (folded in half)

Gently pick up your lanolized cover and squeeze out the water, gently but firm enough to squeeze out the water (do not wring, pull or twist the cover)

Lay it out flat on the towel, roll the towel up jelly roll style

Gently step onto the rolled towel to squeeze out the excess water (or get some little feet to help... my boys always want to help with this part)

Unroll and lay the cover flat to dry (do not hang to dry!)

I hope this helps you. please let me know if you have any questions.

~ emilie

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  1. I've always wanted to try wool but was too scared of the washing to try. Thanks for the play by play (With the cute little feet!) to make me way less scared! I really want to test one of these out now.